Collaboration as a form of active research

South London Gallery
trans- joins Panicattack Duo in their performance Nothing Really Mattress at South London Gallery
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On Wednesday 30th January, trans- (formed by Laura Callegaro and Carla Gimeno Jaria) will join Panicattack Duo in South London Gallery from 6 to 9pm. Panicattack Duo is an artistic and curatorial duo collective, composed by Emily Demetriou and Naz Balkaya. Collaboration is at the heart of their practice which is used as a tool against the individualistic tendencies formed by commercialised structures. Their work and research evolve around the context of collectivity as resistance, the carnivalesque, alternative pedagogy, anti-institutionalism and activist theories. They explore these topics through the means of participatory performance, live art, sound art and photography. As well as through our curatorial practice, facilitating community engaging projects, workshops, exhibitions and round-table discussions.

Panicattack Duo´s Nothing Really Mattress is currently part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition in South London Gallery. The mattress is located in the main space, where they perform every Wednesday and Saturday.

Together they will be speaking about collaboration as a form of active research and production of knowledge. How can we envision potential ways of existence capable of negotiating functional normative structures and their effect on our patterns of behavior and emotional sphere?