24.9.21 – 29.10.21
The Koppel Project Hive, London, Holborn
Artists Esther Merinero, Darya Diamond, Gianna T, Naz Balkaya, Rafael Perez Evans

Meatspace is an exhibition that challenges our understanding of the body. Featuring the works of five international artists, this show rethinks the notion of the body by blurring the taxonomies and norms based on binary structures.

Bodies appear to have become fixed entities; tied to default mechanisms and structures designed to nurture the capital. Yet this exhibition alienates itself from this foundation by addressing the body as an indefinite container of experiences, encounters, wounds, gestures, and, more importantly, as a tool for shaping a new culture of collective care.

Meatspace constitutes the exhibition as a living body that mutates steadily through unforeseen rituals of relation. In particular, the term Meatspace, born in cyberpunk literature back in the 80s, refers to the revival of real life’s instincts over the mechanical basis of virtual spaces. In this regard, the show investigates how our bodies act and counteract in relation to labour, physical and digital spaces shaped on behalf of the neoliberal system.

Mixed media and performative interventions inhabit the gallery space as vivid organisms and invite the spectator to interact viscerally with their surroundings. This way, the exhibition becomes an inclusive space for dismantling the capitalist conception of the individual’s self-assertion – seeking to build up a communal and cooperative nurturing space of coexistence. By disclosing fictional narratives and interrogating the ethics of real foundations, artworks explore and uphold radical concerns of our world that urgently need to be perceived, and actively addressed, differently.