Out of Control

17.04 – 21.04.18
Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London

This CCW cross-college exhibition gathers the artworks of different art students and graduates from Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon. Accordingly, the idea of this self-organized show is to establish relationships between art students at different colleges, in order to celebrate the diversity between our practices.

Converging multidisciplinary backgrounds, various ethnicities and nationalities, the Cookhouse Gallery hosts a selection process which is open and inclusive, managed by three Graduate Interns from CCW and cohesively shaped through a curatorial point of view by five MA Curating & Collections students from Chelsea College of Arts.

All the artworks presented in the open call depicted a range of concerns expressed by the artists. Likewise, it has been identified an encounter between the different artistic manifestations, which ranged from ideas on gender equality, the political situation regarding the globalisation, the fluid cultures of the Internet and the aim to connect with the public.

Art schools are the places where experimentation is encouraged, where diverse people use art as a medium of expression and self-realisation. The University of Arts in London prompts the encounter of cultures, by providing a space of exchange between artists coming from different backgrounds and countries. Consequently, art education generates a meeting point where individuals both take part of a cultural community and locate themselves in a concrete position within this multifaceted society.

Through the work of over 30 artists, this show, focused more on the learning part through art rather than on the final product, attempts to turn the space into an environment to share ideas and empower each other.

The exhibition is part of the Graduate Intern Scheme, supported and funded by CCW and Careers & Employability.

CCW graduate interns:

  • Amy Joiner – Chelsea College of Arts
  • Maria Saad Pires – Wimbledon College of Arts
  • Daisy Young – Camberwell College of Arts