The body as homeland

àngels barcelona, Espai 2, Barcelona
In collaboration with BAR Project
Artists Lizette Nin and Wafa Aoun

The Body as a Homeland aims to trigger potential ways in which we can interact with our surroundings to embrace alternative cartographies of the body in relation to other bodies and physical spaces. Although our bodily actions and subjectivations are bound to a systemic model of power, our body, as the vessel of our scars, personal experiences and embodied memories, remains for us as the only means to activate new understandings of territory, identity and love. Deleuze and Guattari proposed a “Body without Organs” as an act of dissidence to the body as a fixed entity. This Body without Organs suggests the de-territorialisation and re-territorialisation of the body by eroding any normative organisation and enhancing its capabilities to mutate, change and articulate infinite relations. In the same way, we propose to explore the body as our own homeland; an undrawn territory that is continuously shifting and being negotiated through viscerality, movement and affection.